Mexico holiday day 6

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Day 6 we were mostly transferring from Mazatlán back to Mexico City via Monterrey. The morning started with another coffee from Coffee Break Mazatlán.

We had arranged a transfer back to the airport with a friend of Britza, which was super smooth, everything she did for us was astounding.

Leaving the airport I spotted loads of short-tailed hawks hunting.

The flight to Monterrey was amazing, the sky was clear and I could see mountains, but the highlight was flying over Cerro de la Silla which is an overgrown extinct volcano.

We had just over an hour wait at Monterrey before we headed off to Mexico City, the flight was again super simple. Landing at Mexico City our baggage collection was so quick and simple the UK can certainly learn something from Mexico. From landing to getting into an Uber was less than 45 minutes.

The big problem with our Uber is we landed at rush hour and the 25 minute journey took 51 minutes. We are staying on serviced apartments called Lamartine 619, while the area is amazing the apartment is not the greatest (I'll talk about this another time).

Once we checked we headed out to get some food, we decided that we'd go and get Italian to try and settle our guts. The restaurant, Alfredo di Roma, was just round the corner and fantastic. To drink I had a Mezcalino, a mezcal cocktail with red berries, lemon soda and mint and Susan had Negroni Alfredo. To eat I had risotto with pear, walnut and gorgonzola Susan has grilled sea bass with roasted vegetables. I would highly recommend this place.

After eating we headed back to the hotel, I started to feel terrible so much so all I wanted to do was go home. We had another early night and watched some UK TV.


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Cerro de la Silla taken from the airplane window

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