Mexico holiday day 11

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Today was another day of transferring, this time from Mexico City to Oaxaca City (in the UK this is written Wahaca).

The taxi from the airport was simple enough and we had just over an hour to wait before we set off. The flight was super smooth, just over 45 minutes, and we flew over the Sierra Madre mountain range, Oaxaca City is nestled in a huge valley in the Sierra Madre called Oaxaca Valley.

Upon landing in Oaxaca we again had to wait a minimal time to collect our bags. Just out of arrivals our driver Emilio was waiting to drive us to our hotel, Hotel Parador San Agustin. Emilio was very chatty and very proud of Oaxaca. He gave us 2 great recommendations Sabina Sabe Cocktail bar and Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar. Both in the Top 50 bars in North America number 22 and number 31 respectively.

After checking into our hotel we headed up to Sabina Sabe a 10 minute walk. We ordered pork tacos and sirloin tacos and Cocktails I had Paloma Margarita and Susan had No es Negroni. The tacos were excellent especially the Sirloin Tacos so we ordered another plate and more cocktails this time Pequeño Gigante and Micky Miguel Miguelito. This place is awesome and worth making a trip to Oaxaca for.

We returned to the hotel for Susan to have rest and I went out for a walk around Oaxaca. The first thing I discovered was a Sombrereria (hat shot) but the only red hat they had was 5000 pesos (£235). Oaxaca is a beautiful and colourful city, I walked through Squares with shade and churches and cathedrals, there are many rooftop bars and restaurants. I also saw graffiti in support of Palestine. My research before coming told me there was a brewery in Oaxaca Fabrica de Cerveza OAXACO so I had to go I had the IPA (writing this I have found that there is a second brewery just around the corner). After my beer I headed back to the hotel.


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