CSS text-decoration-skip

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Looking at twitter this morning I saw a tweet by Monica Dinculescu‏:

Whatttttt how did I miss that `text-decoration-skip: ink` works in Chrome now? 🎉 Monica Dinculescu

Is this right?

Reading further down this twitter thread:

🚨 Oh no, I've led you to dragons.
Previous tweet was a bit wrong. So:
- text-decoration-skip: ink is deprecated
- text-decoration-skip-ink is the new thing, and works in Beta/Stable
(🙌 to @ebidel for sherlocking this with me) Monica Dinculescu

It appears that this has been deprecated.

So I also looked into this

Can I Use

Can I use does not, yet, have an entry for text-decoration-skip-ink1 but does have an entry for text-decoration-skip2.

It states that text-decoration-skip:ink; and text-decoration-skip:object; works in Chrome 61+ and Chrome for Android 62. Can I Use text-decoration-skip

Entry in Can I Use for text-decoration-skip 04/01/2018

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

MDN has an entry for both text-decoration-skip-ink and text-decoration-skip .


This has two values available:


Example of line being broken for letters with tails


MDN says this is currently supports (as of 04/01/2018):


This has seven values available, ink not being one:


MDN says this is currently supports (as of 04/01/2018):


1 Can I Use text-decoration-skip-ink

2 Can I Use text-decoration-skip

3 MDN text-decoration-skip-ink

4 MDN text-decoration-skip-ink Browser support

5 MDN text-decoration-skip

6 MDN text-decoration-skip Browser support