Music 2017

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2017 has been an incredible year for music with many highlights.


This year I've been to a great many gigs some amazing and one that I walked out of. I'm not going to mention all of them here, but here are some of my favourites - not in any particular order. I'm often asked "what's your favourite/best gig this year?", well that changes depending on what day it is (although Kraftwerk in Antwerp was particularly awesome).


20 May 2017 - Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium


We (Susan Lucy & I), went to see Kraftwerk perform Autobahn in Antwerp. Antwerp is probably my favourite Belgian city and has the greatest pub in the world1, The Kulminator.

The gig was at the newly refurbished Koningin Elisabeth Zaal. In fact it was so newly refurbished that, when we left, the exit was still not finished and was just bare concrete walls.

Our seats were on row AA so when we walked in I headed to the row just behind row Z, however it turned out that row AA was the very front row,( in fact our seats were just in front of Ralf). Ralf from Kraftwerk

Our view of Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk Photo by Lucy Robinson

The acoustics in the hall were the best I've ever heard. There was not 1 flat surface, which meant that the sound was never bounced off a surface back at you. To top that, Kraftwerk had spent a few days making sure that the audio and video were perfectly set up.

They played all of the tracks from Autobahn2 and also some of their other greatest tracks, including one of my favourites Tour de France3.

Sigur Ros

20 September 2017 - Hammersmith Apollo


We (Adrian, James & I) went to this gig and really there's only one way to describe this gig: WOW!

The lighting was immense, in fact they used the walls as well as the stage. They had 3 video screens behind each other so they could create 3D visuals. They had smoke machines pumping smoke out the of upstairs and over the balcony.

In the second half of the show they came out behind the first video screen.

The music was monumental and emotional.

Adrian, started filming one of the tracks4, thinking he'd film 30 seconds and ended up filming over 6 mins.

Prophets of Rage

13 June 2017 - Brixton Academy

SetlistChuck D

Chuck D in the crowd during Prophets of Rage gig at Brixton Academy Photo by me

We (Nick, Jamie & I) went to this gig, based on the reaction of Ian & Michala when they went to see them in New York in September 2016.

The Prophets of Rage5 are a super group made up of members of Rage Against the Machine6, Public Enemy7 & Cypress Hill8.

I thought I was too old for mosh pits it turns out not, with the help of Jamie working as human barrier for me.

The energy was intense and powerful - a stupendous gig.

The encore was a cover of Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name Of. Jamie filmed this9.


29 September 2017 - Brixton Academy

SetlistJustice Brixton Academy

Justice Brixton Academy Photo by me

I went to this with Adrian.This was a great gig. We met Adam there too who dropped his phone in the mosh pit and then got it back later in the evening as someone had handed it in.

The lighting was insane! Everything lit up -  the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the speakers, the equipment - everything except Justice.

The lighting was so bright that the video I filmed10 had to be shot through my sun glasses.

Other highlights this year:


I haven't been clubbing many times this year, but during those times I've discovered two amazing new venues, Oval Space & Printworks.

Laurent Garnier

11 February 2017 - Oval Space

When we first arrived I was really dubious about this; we could hear nothing at all. As we checked our coats into the cloakroom and worked our way upstairs to the main room, we could still hear nothing. As soon as we opened the door, there was the bass! It had been hiding behind the amazing soundproofing.

The wall on the right was entirely glazed and quadruple glazed at that. This had the effect that when you looked out and saw the terraced housing, the lighting reflected in the window looked like aliens were invading Bethnal Green.

Laurent Garnier was supported by French Techno DJ, DJ Deep. Just like Laurent Garnier he was banging - unless you were Issac Small!

Issac Small, took great exception to DJ Deep playing a "Banging Set" and he'd gone round the venue and defacing all the posters explaining:

Warm up DJs, should Warm Up not play a Banging set to distract from the main act Issac Smalls

Booka Shade

7 April 2017 - Printworks

Printworks is another incredible venue, it used to house the printing presses of the Evening Standard.

The lighting rig is amazing.

Greg Wilson

4 November 2017 - XOYO

Greg is just awesome, love the guy, here's his set from this night. There were a great many of us who went and we had our own private podium next to the DJ booth.


This year I did quite a few festivals:

Bearded Theory

25-28 May 2017 - Lineup

Bearded Theory as always was fantastic - this one more so with it being the 10th anniversary


On the Thursday, they had the same lineup as the first Bearded Theory - Dreadzone15 closed the Pallet stage.

On Friday, Megadog took over the Magical Sounds Dance tent. I pretty much stayed in there all day - Banco de Gaia16 were brilliant

Saturday I spent most of the day in the Dance tent, again, featuring Youth, Gaudi and System 7, I also loved The Fall on the Woodlands stage. During the System 717, set Miquette became unwell and it turned into a Steve Hillage Jam session, BRILLIANT!

Sunday was a fun fun day featuring Sugar Hill Gang & Furious Five, Kismet & Reverend & the Makers.

Field Day

3 June 2017 - Lineup

Field day was, originally, about 1 thing and 1 thing alone Aphex Twin - That was until I learnt about Loyle Carner.

Loyle Carner was brilliant, as he has been all the times i've seen him this year.

Aphex Twin, well what can I say about this? Firstly they'd built a Tent (when I say tent I mean aircraft Hanger) so that he could play in the dark for the videos & lasers. Aphex Twin Tent

Aphex Twin Tent at Field Day, it had 82 doors Photo by Me

When we got in to the tent, it was rammed - easily 20,000 people. The 1st 10 minutes were just white noise, that cleared out a few hipsters! The gig was streamed live18. Aphex Twin Video Screens Photo by Me

Aphex Twin Video Screens & Lasers at Field Day


21-25 June 2017 - Lineup

Glastonbury, as always ,was excellent fun.


The Orb Glade takeover - Thursday 18:00-02:50 Glade Stage, featuring The Orb, Steve Hillage, Gaudi and many others

Sleaford Mods - Friday 21:00 -  Park Stage Introduced by Lord Buckethead19

Jeremy Corbyn - Saturday 16:00 - Pyramid Stage

Loyle Carner - Saturday 16:50 - John Peel Stage

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Sunday 14:30 - John Peel Stage

System 7 - Sunday 22:55 - Glade Stage

Standon Calling

28 July 2017 - Lineup

I only went for 1 day; Orbital Day.

The bonus was, Kate Tempest also played that day and, boy, was she amazing20!

Orbital were the reason I went in the first place - they were good (not great but good) - mostly due to the crowd.

I shan't go to Standon Calling again, for me there were too many teenagers and it just wasn't for me.


9-12 August 2017 - Lineup

I'm not telling you about Boomtown. All you need to know is you need to experience it for yourself.

Beyond the Tracks

15 September 2017 - Lineup

We only went for 1 day, the Friday. Leftfield supporting Orbital. Top top night!


While there have been many great albums this year, 4 have blown me away they are:

Loyle Carner - Yesterday's Gone

Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley

Unkle - The Road pt 1

Chase & Status - Tribes


Bunch of Kunst - Sleaford Mods



I found this one of the best music documentaries I've ever seen. If you get the chance go see it.

Lunar Orbit - A film about The Orb



Fascinating insight into the life of Alex & Thomas.


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