Monki Gras 2018 notes Thursday Morning

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Aneel Lakhani


How we build things


Empowered + Disenfranchised




The act of innovating keeps tradition going.

Dormain Drewitz - Not Dead Yet


Medieval Crafts Guilds

Over time they turned into monopolistic overloads, e.g The Masons, they could block out other people.

The guild is the coming together of people and setting up apprenticeships, etc

Why are Old Crafts not dead yet

Why is this still happening

What About Software

Catherine Dixon


Typeface v Lettering

Typeface is the font what the type looks like

Lettering is the typeface insitueThe Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital

The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, the Royal was added afterwards and is not part of the Lettering thought process.

Chas Emerick


Access to resources toof a subject over time

These documents should be viewable on any display and should be printable on any modern printers. If this
problem can be solved, then the fundamental way people work will change.

Lars Trieloff - 20 Year History of Adobe

@trieloffTalk Bingo

David Scott - Kew Brewery