Monki Gras 2018 notes Friday Morning

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Mazz Mosley - Sustainability in a Tech Startup


Fashion Industry



What can you do

Mandy Whaley - Marie Curie & Open Source Kickstarter and Women in Tech


Marie Curie Timeline

Marie Cuire's note books are still radioactive 100 years on.

5 duels were thought over the honour of Marie Curie:

The first Kickstarter, crowdfunding was to buy Marie Curie 1gram of Radium.


Ricardo J Mendez - It's all about the curry


Craft is nice, but now I have a job to do

What is craft?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Jiro's Quest for Perfection

Joni Saylor - The Design Process at IBM


Powers of Ten

Craft can not sustain without a culture that supports it - Phil Gilbert

People + practices + Places = Culture


  1. Don't be an "other." Embed designers + craft into teams.
  2. Fall in love with your medium and domains as soon as possible.
  3. Decentralize leadership and ownership of Craft.
  4. Design thinking paves the way for craft to thrive.
    1. Observe, Reflect, Make
  5. Create spaces that enable craft and nurture makers.
  6. Best practice evolves but craft stays constant

IBM-Design Process

Observe Reflect Make

Sam - Gypsy Hill Brewing

Maintaining the quality of your craft

Gypsy Hill Brewery