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A couple of months ago I read a review of a Sheffield restaurant in the Guardian. The review excited me and as we were spending Christmas near Sheffield the next day I booked a table for two. Wood Fired Onion

Joro Wood Fired Onion

Their tagline is:

A meal built of many small plates.

At Jöro we serve our food in the form of lots of small plates, allowing you to have as little or much as you want, snacking as you go. Jöro

I call it Yorkshire Tapas.

They also offer 2 tasting menus:

We choose the 10 course with matching wines.

The food was incredible, most of the courses were vegetable based and my favourite was the Wood Fired Onion, Cherry Beer & Yorkshire Blue.

The Staff were superbly knowledgeable about all of the food and wine, they were also passionate about the food industry and spoke about other restaurants and chefs they'd visited and admired.

We were told that the Head Chef, Luke French, used to work at The Fat Duck amongst others.

The restaurant itself was on the A61on the way to Barnsley, in a complex made of Shipping Containers but once you're inside the only indication that you're in Shipping Container is the narrow rooms.

I can't recommend this place highly enough. If you live in or near Sheffield there's no reason not to go. If you live in London the train is only 2hr so really there's no reason not to come, after all the cost of 10 courses and the train is way cheaper than anywhere you'd get the same quality in London.


What we had to eat.

Contact Details


294 Shalesmoor
S3 8US


0114 299 1539

1 Drinks Flight - Matching wines for each course