I've built a blog

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Well, when I say built, what I actually meaning is building.

By no means is this blog finished and I don't expect it to be finished anytime soon, if ever.

So why have I built (building) this:


So I can write about what I'm passionate about, you know:


The industry I work in changes daily, every morning I read about a new practice or JavaScript Library or whatever. So this will allow me to write about what I've learnt in the building of this humble site.

The development of this blog can be found on github.

This blog is built on Squiz Matrix CMS, it's what I do during the week and probably way overkill for a simple blog, but will allow me to talk about development and new features in Squiz Matrix.

What's happening

I've started a Style Guide, which will continue to grow overtime.

There a new features that need adding to this blog.

I already have a backlog of posts to write to, these will also drive what features are added first.