I'm Sorry My Blog isn't finished yet

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So since I first published my first post on this blog, I've been getting messages from friends on social media, for example from my friend David:

dave i love the sidebar on your website 😍 @Orangetronic

Sidebar of my blog

Example of the sidebar in the early days of my blog

Why is it not finished?

Well there are a number of reasons:

First and foremost I've been planning this for so many years and nothing has happened as planning and planning and planning…

So what I decided was to just start writing and build the blog around the writing. There were a couple of things that I started with first:

Secondly, I wanted to use this blog to learn and write about my learnings. I have a list of things that I want to build on this blog.

Thirdly, if this blog is ever finished then that means that I've stopped learning or I no longer care about the new advances.

What's happening next?

Generally, the development of this site will be lead by either what I write about or what I learn about.

For example the other day I decided that I should have Google Analytics so that I discover where my readers are from. This meant that I needed to put pictures in my blog post, which also meant that I needed to workout:

This then lead to a later post on Responsive Images and updating the style guide. It will also lead to a post on automatically creating multiple versions of an image in Squiz Matrix and a post on how to connect Squiz Matrix to Google Analytics to show results directly in the CMS, a concept originally thought up by Justin.

If you have any thought/ideas then please let me know through twitter.